Tuesday, 17 February 2015

What I’m Giving Up for Lent

So today is Shrove Tuesday, a.k.a. Pancake Day! As I was super naughty last week and had quite a lot of bad food during my meant-to-be-junk-food-free­ days because my mum visited (it’s all her fault), I am not allowing myself to have any pancakes today. Of course tomorrow is Ash Wednesday, and for the first time in forever (cue the Frozen soundtrack) I have decided to give something up for Lent. I don’t remember having ever done this before, even though I’ve been brought up a Christian (I was even born on Easter Sunday!) and have attended church most of my life. But most people I know who give something up for Lent aren’t even religious.

I’ve decided that I’m really going to challenge myself: I have already given up sweet junk foods (i.e. sweets, cake, chocolate, pastries, ice cream) through the week, so – with the exception of my birthday, which is near the end of Lent this year anyway – I am going to extend this and completely give up sweet junk foods for the whole of Lent. I am still allowed alcohol and chips and cheese and crisps and takeaway etc on the odd occasion I fancy them (which isn’t often) but I’m going to cut out the naughty sweet stuff altogether.

Even whilst writing this right now I can see myself failing fairly quickly, which isn’t a good start, but at the moment I just feel that my body needs a bit of a detox and I seriously need to do something about my sweet tooth. It is going to be such a big challenge, but (at the moment anyway) I really want to succeed. My flatmates are all quite big sweet-stuff fans, which will make it all the harder, but I suppose it’s good to really test yourself once in a while!

What are you giving up for Lent, if anything? I really hope that in 40 days’ time, we’ll be able to say “WE DID IT”!!

Wendy x

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  1. I don't think I've ever given anything up for Lent, and I was brought up Christian as well! Haha I was actually born the day after Easter Sunday! I've been kind of kicking around the idea of doing something similar this year, as I've been trying to eat healthy, too! Great post (and motivation)!

    Kendra | It's a Bug's Life

  2. I hope you complete your challenge. I too decided to cut on sweets and I hope I'll stick to it.



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