Sunday, 24 November 2013

The Occasional Occasion

Have you found if you say a word over and over again, it starts to sound really weird? I did that with 'occasion'. Occasion. Occasion. Weird.

Anyway, hello again! These posts are getting fewer are farther between, but as things are very hectic at the moment, I rarely find time to do a post. I should actually be homework right now, but ssshhh. ;)

As things are so busy for me right now and I don't have a lot of time to socialise or just relax, I have recently found that I really want to get the most out of occasions of that I may have not made too much of a fuss of in the past. And as things in the UK seem to be getting more Americanised these days, of course things like Halloween are getting bigger. When I was little, I never did anything for Halloween. I never went Trick-or-Treating, dressed up, carved pumpkins, nothing. This year, however, I went all out! Now, don't get me wrong, I don't actually 'celebrate' Halloween per-say - I don't believe that carved pumpkins get rid of evil spirits, etc - but I thought for once I would properly join in with the fun side of it, and it was great!

My housemates and I kicked things off by carving pumpkins - whilst watching The Nightmare Before Christmas (make of that what you will) - and they turned out great! I'm a wuss and don't really like anything scary (ironic in this situation, I know), so you'll probably be able to guess which one of these is mine...

Instead of putting them outside the door, we just used them as decorations (and lighting) for our HALLOWEEN PARTY. It was so exciting to decorate the house all Halloween-y, get dressed up with the housemates as a certain monster-fighting gang ("Jeepers!") and, well, be throwing a party at all. As I've mentioned in past posts, I am currently studying at Drama School, so - as it is a small school - it was an open invitation for all the students. It was a great chance for everyone to mix and mingle; we had a fantastic time! But I think we'll leave the parties to someone else now; don't want to push our luck with the neighbours, haha!

SCOOBY DOO TEAM (without Scooby...)!! (l-r) Lucy, Conner, me, Alex
If you've read my blog before, you may have figured out that I am a big Doctor Who fan, and of course, last night was the 50th Anniversary Special. I was so excited for this, and it did NOT let me down!! Argh, it was so good. Now most people would think, it's just a TV programme, nothing to get all worked up about, but no. We invited other Whovians round especially to watch it, and as Conner and Alex had dressed up Doctor-like, I wanted to make the effort too. I don't have an abundance of clothes down in London with me, so it was tricky trying to figure out what to wear. A female version of The Doctor? A companion? No. I dressed as...

... the TARDIS!!
In the episode The Doctor's Wife, it was confirmed that the TARDIS is female. So it works I think!

And now, we are exactly one month away from Christmas Eve. Yaaaay!! It's the most wonderful time of the year... And I know the hype starts far, far too early really, and it's another thing which has been blown way out of proportion, but I think Christmas is such a fantastic time, that it should be made a fuss of. As a Christian, I celebrate the birth of Christ, and as well as this I like to join in with all the other festivities of Santa, buying presents, mince pies, and just everything festive and Christmassy! I had my first mince pie at the start of October, for goodness' sake. I can't wait to get home on the 21st December to be with my family as that really is the best part. But for now, bit by bit, I'm making the most of the build up to Christmas.

Primark have a great range of Christmassy things: jumpers, hats, slippers... So I treated myself to a fab pair of squishy Santa Slippers (or 'Footlets'). The are so soft and cosy. Probably won't last amazingly long as they don't have padding in the soles, but for the lead up to Christmas, they are perfect!

So cute! I also got a few other festive things to get in the Christmassy mood :)

Cadbury's Advent Calendar £1.50 Wilkinsons
Santa Slippers £3? Primark
Glade Candle Spiced Apple & Cinnamon £4 £2 Tesco
Glade Candle Blackberry Frost £4 £2 Tesco
Kleenex Original Christmas Tissues 2-Pack £3 £2 Tesco
It's only a few bits and bobs (bear in mind, I did take this photo whilst listening to my Christmas playlist), but I'm definitely heading back to Primark soon to get some more Christmas goodies and as it's December 1 WEEK TODAY, we'll need to get some Christmas decorations too!

Simply having a wonderful Christmas time...