Sunday, 1 February 2015

Get Fit Log #2

View from the bridge on my walk route. I always love seeing the cute wee duckies and herons when I pass (and there are usually swans as well).
This week wasn’t as successful as last week, but still keeping it up regularly, so I’m not going to beat myself up over it.

Day off.

Activity: Walked 3.5 miles
Stretched: Yes

Activity: Energetic warm-up in teacher training and walked 2.5 miles
Stretched: Yes

Activity: Nothing – I spent most of the say on the sofa
Stretched: No
Today wasn’t a good day. I had dreamt about my granny the night before (see my Update post for details) and when I woke up and realised the dream wasn’t real, I became pretty down. I spent most of the day lazing about watching telly and films, trying to do bits and bobs here and there, but not really succeeding until the evening. I guess we all have days like that. I actually coincidentally read a post that day from another blogger who was feeling exactly the same as I was and it did actually make me feel a bit better knowing I wasn’t the only one. Plus she gave some great tips on how to cheer oneself up when feeling like that (post here).

Activity: Walked 2.1 miles and (a separate) 5-minute run/walk – As I struggled so much with my last run, I was given the tip from another blogger (thanks Alice!) to try a minute running then a minute walking, then running, then walking, etc, and this made it much more manageable. I still only managed 5 minutes in total, but I could have stopped after 2 sets of the minute-running/walking, but I didn’t: I pushed myself to do another minute of running to finish off, which I’m really proud of. I still have the same reaction afterwards – retching, headache, feeling sick and dizzy – but the more I do it and get used to it, I’m sure this will get less and less and eventually subside.
Stretched: Yes

Activity: Run/walk for 4 minutes and 20 seconds – Not as long as yesterday, but my housemates advised that feeling that way after a run isn’t normal, so I cut it down a little. So 2 1-minute walk/run sets, with a boost run of 20 seconds to finish. And this time, although I got a brief headache and had to spit a lot once I’d finished (ew), there was no retching or feeling sick and dizzy! Getting better!! I’m more likely to keep doing a short run most days if I don’t feel as awful afterwards!
Stretched: Yes

Day off.

This coming week I’m going to try and do my short run most days, so hopefully it’ll start to get easier. I’m still feeling positive about it. I also want to start including things like plank, squats, press-ups, etc either this coming week or next week. I’ll see how the running regularly thing goes!

Wendy x

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