Monday, 16 February 2015

Get Fit Log #4

So the busier I get (i.e. as busy as out the door at 7.30am and home at 11.30pm) the harder it is to keep the fitness and stretching up! At least when I’m busy, I’m walking as much as I can but I hardly find time to do stretching most days at the moment. I think I need to work on my willpower and make myself wake up slightly earlier to go for my short run then do a quick stretch while I’m in the shower or something but I’ll have to figure that out.

Activity: Walked/Ran for 4 minutes and 50 seconds
Stretched: No

Activity: Walked/Ran for 5 and a half minutes! (Big achievement for me!)
Stretched: No

Activity: Walked 3.4 miles
Stretched: Yes (finally!)

Activity: Walked over 6.5 miles
Stretched: Yes. (It was a really good one too.)

Activity: Walked 3 miles
Stretched: No

Activity: Walked 2 miles
Stretched: No

Activity: Walked 4.5 miles
Stretched: No

Diet-wise, it’s been harder to stay healthy when I’m out all the time, especially as my mum visited on Tuesday and Wednesday and wanted to treat me to cake while she was here. I’m back on the health-kick this week though. :)

Wendy x

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