Monday, 23 February 2015

Get Fit Log #5

I had more auditions this week which makes it harder to go for runs etc (not only time-wise, but also because running affects my throat and chest which obviously has an effect on my voice too, so I need to be careful), so again this week hasn’t been wonderful activity or stretching-wise. I start rehearsals for a new role tomorrow, so it’ll will only get harder to keep it up. But I think that as long as I make sure to stretch regularly, I won’t mind so much if I can keep as active, as I’ll be active in rehearsals anyway!

Activity: Walked 3.3 miles
Stretched: No

Activity: Walked/Ran for 5 minutes and 35 seconds
Stretched: A little

Activity: Walked/Ran for 5 minutes and 55 seconds and later walked 2.5 miles
Stretched: Yes

Activity: Walked 3.5 miles
Stretched: No

Day off.

Day off again!

Activity: Walked/Ran for 8.5 minutes!! And also walked 1.7 miles
Stretched: Yes

Note for this week: stay motivated and don’t let yourself become any more complacent, Wendy!


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