Friday, 20 February 2015

5 Shades of Grey

As we’re in those few weeks which can’t really decide whether they’re in winter or in spring, I’ve found myself struggling to decide which nail colour I feel really suits this time of year. I’m over the whole red or glittery nail-look of the festive period, but I don’t feel like it is nice enough weather to start forking out the pastels to match the inevitable floral trends coming up in spring. SO, more often than not, I’ve been using my trusty old grey shades which often tend to get neglected throughout the rest of the year, so I thought I’d share my favourites with you.

Nails Inc FOIL Range: Chelsea Bridge Road
I actually do tend to wear this polish a bit less than others as it’s pretty blinding, but I do enjoy it on nights out and days when I’m feeling more adventurous. Nails Inc is definitely my favourite nail polish brand, and this formula is fab. I have found with other similar polishes that it can crack and have an almost aged look, but this one just glides on and looks like it could actually be nail foils as opposed to polish. It does have that warm tone in it so, depending on the way you look at it, it could be classed as gold as opposed to the greyer silver, but from experience I know that it can go with both gold and silver jewellery so everyone’s happy!

Barry M Magnetic Range: Dark Silver
Magnetic pattern nails seem to have been on the way out for a while, which I think is a shame as they can be so pretty! This one is lovely and understated: you can only just see that there’s a pattern there. I usually prefer the Nails Inc polishes but in this case I actually think that the slightly thinner formula of this Barry M one works better for the magnetic pattern.

Nails Inc: The Thames
The Thames is the perfect name for this shade I think! Like the muggy water of the river, this is a lovely opaque, almost gel-like polish which goes on and stays on a dream! This is possibly my fave out of the 5: I definitely wear this one the most. Works for everyday-wear, but I have also put a little glitter on top which jazzes it up and works for a night out too!

Nails Inc: Pelham Street
I think this one looks almost mystical. Maybe it’s the shimmer in it. Anyway, another great formula and shade from Nails Inc. Not much else to say about it really!

Nails Inc ‘Colour & Care’ Range: Brook St Mews
I really like this one. It is grey, but I love how it is almost black, but not quite as harsh as proper black can look (I think anyway). I think it has the same formula as The Thames shade, as it’s really pigmented (you only really need one coat) and stays on for ages. Really fab.

What kind of shades are you wearing at the moment?

Wendy x


  1. I like Pelham Street but, Ha, I think I'd have to also vote for the Thames just because of the name...! ;)



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