Monday, 10 June 2013

Things I am Loving at the Moment: June

This month's post is mainly foody and naily. (Mmmm, that sounds lovely together.)

Cadbury's Marvellous Creations Jelly Popping Candy Shells Chocolate

This is my new favourite chocolate. I love it. And unfortunately for my waistline, big bars of this have been half-price in Tesco recently, so I haven't been able to stop buying them! It is so bad how much of this I can eat in one sitting. In case you've not tried it, it has popping candy, smartie-type things and jellies inside it. It doesn't sound the nicest, but it's really, really good! There’s also a Cookie Nut Crunch kind, but I've not tried that one.

Banoffee Pie
I had always been a bit prejudiced towards banoffee pie as I've been dubious about banana foody things in the past. But now that I actually really like banana in food, I'm loving banoffee pie. And this easy recipe is so good.

Tesco Italiano rolls
I love these so much. They are so tasty, so are perfect as part of a sandwich or just with butter. They remind me of those Italian herb and cheese rolls you get in Subway. Neither are probably any good for me, but I've eaten so much chocolate and banoffee pie recently, I'm hardly breaking a healthy diet!

Sally Hansen Mega Shine Top Coat
I have almost finished my bottle of the Mega Shine Top Coat that I only bought about 2 months ago. It is fantastic. It gives my nails a super shiny finish and actually helps to smooth out any streaks left in the polish underneath. It dries fairly quickly and is very easy to apply, with a lovely fanned out brush and thick formula. The resulting effect is almost bonded, like that of a gel polish, so it doesn't chip for ages! The only weird thing about it is that it's going a little bubbly now that it's coming to the end of the bottle… But it's hardly noticeable!!

Revlon Charismatic nail polish
I posted about this nail polish here. Still one of my new faves!

Models Own polishes
… namely the Neon Pink Punch and Scented Banana Split polishes. I've posted about them here and am still really happy with them. Models Own polishes only came into my life recently and I think the formula is fantastic: it applies well, lasts for a long time without chipping (i.e. 3 days at least) and has great colour, so you can get away with one coat! Definitely recommend them.

(Taken from Google Images)

Les Misérables the Movie
This is not foody or naily, but I have to include it. I flipping love this film. I can’t stop listening to the soundtrack (if I'm not listening to it, I'm singing it!) and when I have the time I have to watch the movie. Anne Hathaway surpasses herself in this (well-deserved Academy Award!), Hugh Jackman is unbelievable and the whole cast together is fantastic. I now have a particular interest in Aaron Tveit, who plays Enjolras in the film. I hadn't heard of him before, but I could listen to him sing all day, I love his voice that much. He's a broadway star and has had many screen roles including parts in Ugly Betty, Gossip Girl and is starring in new series Graceland. I imagine Graceland probably won't be broadcast here in the UK though (at least not on Freeview!). It helps that he's not bad on the eyes either, haha! Plus, it's nice to see familiar face from BBC1 talent show I'd Do Anything, Samantha Barks, finding global fame through her beautiful portrayal of Éponine. So yes, if you have been living under a rock and haven't seen Les Mis yet… do it now!

Hope you enjoyed reading!



  1. OMG that Dairy Milk is amazing, I can't get enough of it! xx

    1. Me neither! It's not half price in Tesco anymore thankfully, as I think my inside were starting to turn to sugar! xx


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