Wednesday, 19 June 2013

30 Day Snap #19: Back to Black Watch

Day 19

Now, this wouldn't be very exciting for most people, but today I got my kilt back! Basically, I've worn the same kilt every season at Glenfiddich since starting 5 years ago, and this year was the first that my kilt was not available (as it was waiting to get dry-cleaned). So in substitute, I was wearing a black version of the Stuart tartan, which I did like, but it was a bit loose plus I preferred the simpler, subdued tartan of the Black Watch. The Black Watch tartan wasn't a family/clan tartan like the Stuart and many others, but a tartan with camouflage qualities worn by an infantry regiment in the Highlanders called the Dark or Black Watch, who were basically like Community Support Officers in the 18th Century! (This 30 Day Snap really makes me do my research!) This particular garment I'm wearing here is not an actual kilt, but a kilt skirt; a lighter, more feminine version of the kilt. Normal kilts are much heavier; they have the fringing/opening on the other side; and often have belt hoops for the full traditional dress.

So glad to have my Black Watch back. Oh how I have missed it!


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