Monday, 24 June 2013

30 Day Snaps #23 and #24: Wedding and Lunch at House of Bruar

Day 23

Yesterday I went to the wedding of my childhood friend, Sheryn. I hadn't seen her in over a decade and we had a bit of a love/hate relationship when we were younger so I was a bit nervous, but as my mum is besties with her mum, and my sis was doing the official photography, I was invited to come along (really so I could assist Weez by holding the softbox - cue aching arms!). I actually felt quite comfortable with Sheryn after all and it was a really good day! So these pics are just of me, my stunning mum and beautiful niece before heading off (Weez was already photo-ing Sheryn getting ready).

Day 24

It was just me and Aria in the car on the way home (mum was working in Stirling today and Weez is staying in Dundee with a friend for a couple of days). I took the A/M9, which is a beautiful route and nowhere near as busy as the A/M90, but it was a bit lacking in places to stop off for lunch. So I took the turning to Blair Atholl, to find it also lacking, so after a few more miles we came across House of Bruar near Pitlochry. It was very posh-looking (whatwith all the countrywear, etc) and when we eventually found the restaurant (not well signposted at all) we got some grub and took a seat. My soup and homemade bread was very nice, but there wasn't much for children. Aria didn't like anything that was on offer, so I gave in and just gave her a brownie. She loved it, of course, but I felt guilty that she didn't get proper food... I'm sure one Brownie-for-Lunch Day won't hurt!


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