Tuesday, 18 June 2013

30 Day Snap #18: Seaside Lunch with Zocia

Day 18

Today I went through to seaside town, Buckie, to visit my beautiful friend, Zocia. We travelled to the other side of Buckie, called Portessie, and had a lovely lunch at Aurora. The place overlooks the sea, so with a view like that, I had to include it in today's photo! For lunch I had Cullen Skink (which I'm sure most of you haven't heard of), which is basically a smoked haddock and potato chowder and it was lovely. If you don't already know, it originates from another coastal town up here called Cullen, hence the name - often nicknamed Cullen Stink because of the fish! Then I had a slice of amazing carrot cake (you know the proper homemade kind, with mascarpone icing on top?) and a cup of tea, of course. We then headed back to Zocia's where she did my nails (she does all that gel nail stuff), so I now have super sparkly nails, which will hopefully last until Sunday as I'm going to a wedding that day! I'll do a NOTD later in the week. So just a lovely lunch/afternoon with one of my besties, and now onto catching up on everything I need to do! :D



  1. its always fun to just hang out with your bestfriend

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  2. what a beautiful view!


    1. So lucky to have it so close to home! :) xx


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