Monday, 6 May 2013

Things I am Loving at the Moment: May

I am loving 5 things this month; beauty and TV-based.

Maybelline 24-Hour Tattoo Eyeshadow

top-right: thin layer for subtle look
bottom-left: built-up for more dramatic look
bottom-right: finished look
(ignore my eyebrows - I'm sorting them out tonight!)
I bought this eyeshadow at the start of April and have used it almost every day since. I chose shade no. 35 – On and on Bronze, as I like the contrast of brown tones against my blue eyes (although I don't think this shade has enough copper in it to really be described as bronze, so I'd say it is more like a dark gold). I usually end up rushing my make-up before leaving for work (I seem to be in denial about how long it takes me to do!) but I know that I don't need to worry about spending tonnes of time on this. I literally use my pinky finger to apply it and it goes on a treat: it applies evenly, it blends well and it lasts all day! I often use it as a base and then put powder-shadow on top or in my crease and outer corner (it seems to do the job of an eyelid primer too), but it is also buildable so works really well alone as a beautiful bronze-gold shimmer shadow.

Soap & Glory Hand Food

I don't really like my hands, and the crazy long Winter this year made my hands really dry, the skin on my knuckles hard and chapped, and the already ragged skin around my nails even worse. So I went on the search for a good hand moisturiser which wasn't out of my price range and also smelled nice (so I would be motivated to actually keep on using it)! I hadn't really used much by Soap & Glory in the past, but having read lots of blogs and so many great reviews about its products, I had a browse in Boots one day and came across the HandFood; I fell in love with its scent and, as it was 3 for 2 on S&G products, I got my suffering hands some treatment! It describes itself as "non-greasy hydrating hand cream with shea butter, macadamia oil and marshmallow". I have been using this a few times a day for about 2 and-a-half weeks now and I love it. It smells so gorgeous – fresh, a little bit citrusy, sweet but not sickly – it absorbs well and it makes my skin feel so soft. The patches of hard skin on my knuckles have almost "dissolved" (if that doesn't sound too gross), and the skin around my nails is much better. I reckon that a couple more weeks' use and the skin around my nails will be completely healed!
Hands = happy.

Boots Skin Clear Shine Blotting Papers (Oil-Absorbing Sheets)

I have oily skin. It's annoying. And as my current job involves walking through hot areas on site several times a day, my natural oiliness and some lovely sweat can build up to make me look super shiny and my skin feel horrible and cakey (mixed with my make-up). These papers are really handy to take off any excess oil and blot my skin before my make-up gets caked. Unlike with mattefying powder, as I am not putting more stuff onto my skin, the matte effect that is left after using these is long-lasting so I usually only need to use one a day, often just after lunch. The only thing I would say to improve the papers would be to make them a bit bigger to allow for really bad days, but the size is fine for average shininess. So if you have oily skin, I can't recommend these enough.

Jenna Louise Coleman as the Doctor's companion

I am a Whovian, i.e. I love Doctor Who, and I was a big fan of Rory and Amy Pond Williams, the Doctor’s companion-duo in the last series. When it came to their exit from the show, despite my tears I was intrigued to find out how 'new girl' Jenna Louise Coleman would fare as the new companion. And having watched the first few episodes of the new series, I am really impressed. She's great! Oozing with personality, Coleman portrays the paradoxically self-assured yet insecure Clara Oswald so well, and I find myself enjoying the episodes which evolve around her more than the ones which don't (which is surprising considering how much I love Matt Smith's Doctor). I am really impressed with her character-story so far ("the girl who is not possible") and look forward to seeing how it will develop, as well as her feisty influence in the individual episodes' plots.

I enjoyed ITV's Inspector Morse all those years ago, so I have been watching the series Endeavour with my mum, which is basically Morse: the Early Years (Endeavour is Morse's first name for anyone who doesn't know). And even though I've only seen a few episodes, I'm really enjoying it. Shaun Evans does a great job as the young Morse and the storylines so far have been great. Plus, the frequent excerpts of classical music (of which Morse is a big fan) throughout each episode is lovely. If you've not seen it yet, I definitely recommend it.

So those are my current favourites. What are yours? Do you agree with any of mine? Let me know down below!



  1. I love the colour of your Maybelline eye shadow and it's great that you say it lasts all day too! I have blue eyes too so will look out for this one next time I'm shopping.
    Lovely post :)
    Becky xx

    1. It's great. I put it on about 9 hours ago and it still looks as good as it did then. I think it'll last for ages too as (considering how much I've used it) it's barely gone down! And at only £4.99... BARGAIN :) xx

  2. I love hand food too, the scent is gorgeous <3

    Jennie xo |

    1. It really is - I keep telling everyone to smell my hands! :) xx

  3. I love love love Maybelline Color Tattoo's they're sooooo amazing, aren't they?! xx

    Gemma ♥ || Miss Makeup Magpie

    1. Yeah really good, and I saw online that they have an orangey colour in the US too which would be kinda cool I think! xx

  4. I love the color tattoo eyeshadows! This one looks particularly pretty. Hand Food is also amazing :) Great post!

    Hannah x

  5. Your eye makeup is so pretty in that shot! I'm so tempted by the colour tattoo eyeshadows now! Great blog, and beautiful background. Followed!

    Beauty Baroness ☮♥

    1. Aw thanks so much :) Yeah definitely give the eyeshadow a try, it's great! xx

  6. I also adore the Hand Food and the Maybelline eye shadows! Such fab products! <33

    I am running an International Giveaway on my blog now, and I'd love it if you enter for the chance to win some YSL, Chanel and Essie products!


    1. They really are - worth the hype! :) xx


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