Saturday, 7 March 2015

My ‘Twinny’ Necklace

*Cue mushiness*

Real best friends are like family: no matter how often you speak to them or see them, things never change and when you do see or speak to them, it’s like you only just saw them yesterday and you pick up from where you left off. That’s how it feels for me with my bestie, Lucia. Even though we’re 2 years apart in age, we call each other our ‘Twinny’ as we’re so similar. (I’ve written about Lucia in this post from ages ago if you want to know more.) I got a set of ‘Twinny’ necklaces made and gave one to Lucia for Christmas, a bit like a grown-up version of those ‘Best Friends’ matching necklaces that everyone had at school! The necklaces are sturdy silver chains each with 3 sterling silver polished textured charms, all of which I chose personally. You can see that one charm has engraved a heart, one charm has an initial and the large charm in the middle has ‘Twinny’. (I'm not going to mention where I got them from or how much they were as I know Lucia reads my blog, but if you really want to know, you can ask me on twitter!) I wear this necklace almost every day and it reminds me that, far or near, my best friend is never really too far away.

Sorry for such a mushy post: you know when you just randomly get overwhelmed by how much you appreciate someone and just have to share it?! (Love you Twinster xx)

Wendy x


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